The Sedan is a four-door standard vehicle featured in Huntdown: Mayani and is planned to be included in all Huntdown games but with various designs. The sedan is one of the most basic vehicles in the game and is preferably the first choice upon entering the game. The sedan is the same type of car used by Police and Taxi services.

Design Edit

The sedan shares similar shape and back design to that of a late 1970's Dodge Diplomat, while the front is more based of a mid-1980's Chevrolet Caprice.

Performance Edit

The performance of the Sedan are categorized from Bad, Average, and Good, which also comes with a under-statement of above or below.

Top Speed: 60 RSU ( Roblox Speed Unit )

Road grip: Good

Handling in low speed: Average

Handling in high speed: Average

Weight: Moderate

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