The current list exists of features and items that are left before Alpha launch of Huntdown: Mayani.

Structure-wise Edit

  • Islands ( 95% )
  • Mainland, except for swamplands. ( 65% )

Scripts-wise Edit

( Bold means finished )

  • Face Changing GUI
  • Windshield crushing by shooting feature.
  • Fixing of guns + Implementing system on minigun.
  • Car shop (In works)
  • Character Behavior ( Sit, Run ) (In works)
  • Suitcase
  • Reimplementation of weather system

Beta thoughts Edit

  • Car bombs
  • Ability to set bounties
  • Working bank
  • Stunt jumps
  • Lock pick
  • RP Chat
  • Drug dealing
  • Creating boat controls
  • Chainsaw

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